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RFS understands the talent pool of military spouses, and the requirement of businesses in their pursuit of hiring the best

We are the only recruitment company that has a community of over 9,000 active military spouses, that provide an agile workforce for businesses in need of flexible workers within days and that work tirelessly with employers to bestow the huge benefits to employing military spouses.

Our ability to attract high-quality military spouse applicants stems from our use of specific tools and techniques designed to target the right candidates.

Social media including platforms;

Facebook page with over 9,000 followers
Private Facebook Group with 2,300 members
Instagram with 2,000 followers.
Twitter with a reach of over 10,000
LinkedIn with 1,200 followers.

A robust database of military spouses actively looking for jobs.

An employee referral scheme.

We can provide a seamless link between you, the employer and the military spouse.

We will be your strategic partner, providing tailored solutions to your recruitment challenges. Having worked closely with you to establish your hiring need, we will actively search out the ideal candidates in a process tailored to you.

1. Identification of the hiring need

We will work with you to understand and agree each element of the job description. This should include required hard and soft skills.

2. Planning

We will put together a plan for the process to be taken and the communication channels that will be used.

3. Searching

We will proactively search through our military spouses to get the ideal candidate to fulfil your hiring need. We won’t wait for them to come to us, we will use our contacts, knowledge and community relations to reach out to the most promising candidates.

4. Identification of the right candidate

Finding the right candidates with the skills, qualifications and experience required.

We can bring tangible benefits and real value to your business.

We recruit for; permanent, fixed-term, full-time, part-time, office based, remote and agile roles across a broad spectrum of industries.


Our closed community group where spouses can ask for help, guidance & share their story.


Staying up to date with our latest events & offerings


Actively looking for jobs or upskilling opportunities within our database

Why employ a military spouse?

Military spouses are often overlooked or discriminated against as a pool of workers. But the truth is they can provide skills, experience, value and diversity that businesses should consider when hiring.

They are: highly flexible and adaptable

Military life includes regular moves, sometimes overseas. It is the military spouse who packs up the household, organising new schools, adapts to the new environment, new culture and new employment opportunities as well as settling the family.

They are already flexible, patient and resilient because they have had to be.

They are: skilled and highly educated

The CV belies their true skill set. Short-term jobs or gaps due to military moves give the wrong impression. The reality is they have learnt to pick up where they have left off in each job, they have learned to re-network in each and every new posting and new community therefore developing a broad and diverse skill set.

50% of military spouses are educated to degree level or above and yet 30% cannot find work. These are the men and women who have been the constant at home while their partner has prolonged absences. They have kept the family together, managed the finances, held down a job all the while dealing with the absence of their partner or uncertainty of where or when they will need to relocate.

Companies who value hard work, creativity, passion and resilience do not need to look much further than a military spouse.

Research proves military spouses are an untapped resource

The importance of providing military spouses with a platform to grow and progress their professional lives cannot be underestimated. We worked with Employers with The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion to publish a report outlining the challenges facing military spouses, and why they make the best employees.


Struggling to sustain a career due to frequent house moves, Kate jumped at the opportunity to join the RFS Liquid Workforce.
Read more about her journey with Recruit for Spouses here.



Promote being armed forces-friendly and open to employing reservists,
armed forces veterans (including the wounded, injured and sick), cadet
instructors and military spouses/partners


The employer must proactively demonstrate that service
personnel/armed forces community are not unfairly disadvantaged as
part of their recruiting and selection processes


The employer must be an exemplar within their market sector,
advocating support to defence people issues to partner organisations,
suppliers and customers with tangible positive results

Happy spouses

I wanted something more and not just a job, I saw the advert for the RFS liquid Workforce and thought that it would be the perfect stepping stone for getting me back into work without having to worry about getting posted.


Sarah Trebble

I had no idea what a sourcing specialist was and today I have found a career that I love, a career not a job! I have found a new passion, learned new skills, met some incredible people and I owe it to RFS and AMS.


Kimberley Monroe

Flexible working has allowed me the opportunity to cut down on childminder costs because my job is flexible with school runs meaning I can drop my kids off myself before I start work. This means I can also work longer hours than I normally would be able to afford.


Gina Attrims

Flexible working has allowed me to have a career. I never thought it would be an option until my children were teenagers. I have my confidence, self-belief, and my independence.


Kim Williams

I had approached RFS with incredulity as I had been facing rejections. I registered with RFS and it was a quick process as I received a call from RFS for an opportunity soon after. I am a true testimony that amazing enterprises like RFS exist that support and recognize the capabilities of military spouses.


Pramila Lambu

I was able to secure a permanent position due to the experience I gained through the Liquid Workforce and I am very grateful I was allowed to be part of it.


Melanie de Klerk

I was very impressed with the quality and depth of talent that RFS can provide to employers across many types of role. I have no doubt (they) will be a huge asset to any employer working in digital marketing, social media marketing and associated roles.


Andy Mihalop, Head of Channel Partner Marketing EMEA - Facebook

They helped me free up important time to work on my business by finding me a fantastic, dedicated, kind and communicative administrative assistant.


Emily Foster

RFS are offering an amazing, unique opportunity in the Liquid Workforce within the recruitment world...so many doors can be opened.


Kate Legg

The competency amongst the military spouse community is unbelievably good and the fact all our candidates were happy with remote working made this ideal for us as a small business.


Michael Coates, COMBAT pest control