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Happy spouses

I wanted something more and not just a job, I saw the advert for the RFS liquid Workforce and thought that it would be the perfect stepping stone for getting me back into work without having to worry about getting posted.


Sarah Trebble

I had no idea what a sourcing specialist was and today I have found a career that I love, a career not a job! I have found a new passion, learned new skills, met some incredible people and I owe it to RFS and AMS.


Kimberley Monroe

Flexible working has allowed me the opportunity to cut down on childminder costs because my job is flexible with school runs meaning I can drop my kids off myself before I start work. This means I can also work longer hours than I normally would be able to afford.


Gina Attrims

Flexible working has allowed me to have a career. I never thought it would be an option until my children were teenagers. I have my confidence, self-belief, and my independence.


Kim Williams

I had approached RFS with incredulity as I had been facing rejections. I registered with RFS and it was a quick process as I received a call from RFS for an opportunity soon after. I am a true testimony that amazing enterprises like RFS exist that support and recognize the capabilities of military spouses.


Pramila Lambu

I was able to secure a permanent position due to the experience I gained through the Liquid Workforce and I am very grateful I was allowed to be part of it.


Melanie de Klerk

I was very impressed with the quality and depth of talent that RFS can provide to employers across many types of role. I have no doubt (they) will be a huge asset to any employer working in digital marketing, social media marketing and associated roles.


Andy Mihalop, Head of Channel Partner Marketing EMEA - Facebook

They helped me free up important time to work on my business by finding me a fantastic, dedicated, kind and communicative administrative assistant.


Emily Foster

RFS are offering an amazing, unique opportunity in the Liquid Workforce within the recruitment world...so many doors can be opened.


Kate Legg

The competency amongst the military spouse community is unbelievably good and the fact all our candidates were happy with remote working made this ideal for us as a small business.


Michael Coates, COMBAT pest control

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