Committed, Resilient, Independent

Pramila’s journey has taken her around the world and from a place of uncertainty in her career, to having a permanent position in a global company.


What was your job before you were a military spouse?

I was a student in Deakin University Australia pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce prior to being a military spouse. I married immediately after my degree completion whilst my husband was posted in Nepal so I took a hiatus for visa application and travel.


Were you at work when you first approached RFS?

Covid had a huge impact on everyone including me. I was initially furloughed, but I had to resign as I had to move to another location. It was a difficult phase as being unemployed and an uncertain future was physically and mentally draining.


Why did you approach RFS?

My enthusiasm and confidence were decreasing as my CV had short tenure and reality was sinking in as I moved places. It was starting to be a challenge convincing employers for work as I had been moving places. I read through all the spousal stories and I resonated with them, so I wanted to work for a company that allowed flexibility.


Tell us in no more than 100 words your story through RFS

Initially I was not aware of its existence till I went through a military magazine. I had approached RFS with incredulity as I had been facing rejections. I registered with RFS and it was a quick process as I received a call from RFS for an opportunity soon after. Cerise informed me about the job description and kept me updated with the whole process. The security compliance was a tedious and long process but after a couple of months, I was successful in attaining the role as an Outsource specialist. I am a true testimony that amazing enterprises like RFS exist that support and recognize the capabilities of military spouses.


Tell us where you are now and what has flexible working allowed you to

I am now a permanent employee at AMS, and I thoroughly enjoy what I do even though it was an entirely different industry to begin with. Initially I was screening candidates for role suitability but now I have more responsibility for understanding new job openings, developing sourcing techniques, liaising with recruiters and Hiring Managers and ensuring constant flow of relevant candidates for each job opening. AMS’s global working culture has made me more passionate because of the boundless progressive opportunities and training available whilst embracing a collaborative diverse workforce empowering individuals like me at the comfort of my home.